When She Turns That Key

by TheWraith517



This is a song about a female sitting in a nuclear launch bunker in the job role of turning the key. Ideally it needed a female vocalist in places along with my own to lay emphasis on both partners. Lyrically this was a one shot take with a few vocal overlays recorded afterwards to embellish and harmonize it. Please remember I am not a singer, It's my mood when improvising that helps my voice work in real time. Re-singing it generally lacks the emotion that pulled it off in the first place.


Sittin by the phone
Waiting for the call
From Behind them old oak doors
Sit the men who start the wars
And we aint got much left
so its time we take a breast
of the situation they keep putting us in

And I Know That Your Out Their
You Sit With Key In Hand
And When The Order Comes On Down
You'll Decimate Our Land
While The Body Count Keeps Rising

On My own Again
Its Commin Up To Ten
I'll On my last (drinking alone scene)
when it gets to quarter past
Will she think of me (laying back in bed scene)
O When she turns that key
And ends all life outside

People All Around The World Are Starvin
While The Suits All Dine In Sheer Bliss
With Total Ignorance
About Just How Real Life Truly Is

Fighting Someone Elses Revolution
Is Never, A Real Good Solution

The Bombs They Begin Fallin
People Runnin an Screaming In The Streets
While The Gentile People They Sit In Their Bunkers
Survivin All The Chaos

We Should Throw Them In The Front Line
Send Them In Out First
Let The Enemy Quench Their Thirst
Upon Our Politicians

The Men Who Have No Fears
Well Where Sick Of All Your Crap
Where Gona Take Our Planet Back
From The Men Who Kill Our World

..Im Drownin Here Today
My Ship has Sailed Away
Im On My Own Again..

the talk at the beginning is about maggy thatchers funeral costing ten thousand pound, while her body's kept in the london Hilton hotel and about nuclear power stations proposed across the uk, bedroom tax, hunger, corrupt ministers, presidents, politicians, all the lies


released January 20, 2014
Special Thanks to SessionBand who inspired this song




TheWraith517 Liverpool, UK

I was apparently born with natural music theory and people call it a gift. I guess it is a gift of sorts, but then its also an emotional curse. It gives me a way of venting my emotions on a level of sound and words that most tell me is pretty good. You be the judge and have a listen. My music "can" be used on YouTube, but you can't monetise it, the claims laid have no effect on your account :) ... more

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