That Cop Is Damaged Goods 001a

by TheWraith517



This is a real time jam on 1 keyboard using the auto accompaniment with control over all 16 of its channels, so i bring the bass, drums and other bits in and out (while also changing them) while i play a nice little Sax rif to it all in real time. Its got that 80's cop movie feel to it.


No lyrics, its an instrumental.


released August 29, 2015




TheWraith517 Liverpool, UK

I was apparently born with natural music theory and people call it a gift. I guess it is a gift of sorts, but then its also an emotional curse. It gives me a way of venting my emotions on a level of sound and words that most tell me is pretty good. You be the judge and have a listen. My music "can" be used on YouTube, but you can't monetise it, the claims laid have no effect on your account :) ... more

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