A Beautiful Piano Improvisation A & K

by TheWraith517



001a Is an improvisation recorded in real time using a grand piano program with a mini keyboard plugged into a phone. So its just me at one with the music. 001k is the same piano recording embellished and orchestrated. remember.. Buying this as a 2 Track EP rather than single tracks will also give you a few nice bonus files.

Look out for a song called "When The End Came Living After The Aftermath" which is sang upon 001k.


released June 23, 2014

I would like to thank the makers of CMP Grand Piano and AmpKit+ because without them this would of never been accomplished.




TheWraith517 Liverpool, UK

I was apparently born with natural music theory and people call it a gift. I guess it is a gift of sorts, but then its also an emotional curse. It gives me a way of venting my emotions on a level of sound and words that most tell me is pretty good. You be the judge and have a listen. My music "can" be used on YouTube, but you can't monetise it, the claims laid have no effect on your account :) ... more

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Track Name: Beautiful Piano Improvisation 001a
Track Name: Beautiful Piano Improvisation 001k